Vitamin C Serums: Can You “C” My Wrinkles?

The beauty and skincare market is currently a multibillion-dollar industry, with a staggering number of products claiming to prevent, slow, and even reverse the effects of aging.  Every year in an effort to appear younger, men and women spend significant amounts of money on beauty products aimed at reversing the signs of aging.  In this…Read Full Post

Freeze Dry Wart Removers: Freeze! Warts be gone!

Witches and warts often have a starring role together in fairy tales, which creates the perception that warts are evil and ugly. The reality is that warts can affect anybody, are often harmless, painless and go away on their own. Warts are contagious, non-cancerous growths, usually on hands and feet, which are caused by the…Read Full Post

Proactiv®: Be Proactiv® About Your Acne!

Be Proactiv® about your Acne! Acne is a common skin condition affecting a vast majority of teenagers and young adults.  Those with acne often feel ashamed, embarrassed and isolated by their condition, especially if they live in a society which places great importance on physical beauty.  Because acne is so common, many companies have come…Read Full Post

Hydroquinone: Is it the Light Thing to Do?

Some say that the definition of true beauty is being comfortable in your own skin; however, sometimes this is easier said than done. The skin is prone to many imperfections such as blotches or blemishes that can be frustrating or downright embarrassing, and such flaws are part of the reason why commercial skin products are…Read Full Post

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